Halloween is behind us and the bust winter season has yet to begin, meantime All Slots online casino is busy keeping things real with a brand new promotion, The Quest -at All Slots. Just as winter starts in earnest, All Slots one of the leading online casinos in Canada is inviting you to join a promotion that leads you through some wonderfully warm locations on your way to accumulating points that will lead you to the best prize of all, bonuses chosen personally for you!


The Quest is a weekly challenge and to complete this quest you must reach your weekly goals by earning enough loyalty points.

The promotion runs from November 1st and ends on November 28th 2015. There are four different promotion periods during this month:

  • The first round – November 1st until November 7th
  • The second round – November 8th until November 14th
  • The third round – November 15th  until November 21st
  • The fourth round – November  22nd until November 28th

To opt in to The Quest - at All Slots, make your way to the quest promotion page, enter in your username and click on the ‘To The Quest’ icon. You will need to opt in to each one of the promotion rounds separately. That means if you join the first promotion round, you will not automatically join the other rounds of the promotion and you will need to enter again for each separate round.

Every round you will have to complete two goals. It is easy enough to achieve these goals, no one is going to be testing your personal knowledge or your fitness level, and all you need to do is earn loyalty points at the casino by playing your favourite casino games!

The loyalty points that you earn will be exchanged for promotional points and these points will then go towards your personal goal!

You can check into your casino account at any time to see how many credits you have earned thus far.


The most exciting aspect of this promotion is that your bonus will be awarded within 15 minutes of you reaching your goal – if you have always wanted to take part in a TV game show, now is your chance!

As always your bonus win will have certain terms and regulations attached. You may only withdraw your bonus win once you have fulfilled the minimum playthrough requirement attached to the bonus.

If you have won a bonus the casino will notify you of your win.


All Slots really knows its Canadian players and is aware that the start of the long winter that lies ahead is not always an easy time for some of their players. This is why they have decided that a perfect way to give players an extra boost is to offer a fantastic promotion with a very generous jackpot prize.

Players are also grateful for the latest string of All Slots promotions that do not require players to play specific games at specific times of the day in order to enter the competition. Simply log on to the casino, make sure that there are sufficient funds in your casino account and start earning loyalty points. These points will then be exchanged for promotion points and will count towards your big win!

If you are not yet a member of the All Slots online casino, log on today, join The Quest - at All Slots and enjoy everything that this award winning online casino has to offer.