Christmas Market - Prizes Galore at All Slots

If you’re ready to have a blast, then you’re ready for the Christmas Market - Prizes Galore at All Slots. You’ll see that there are chances to win and enjoy so many prizes with the monthly promotion. And the promotion will put you in the holiday spirit and offer you awesome ways to enjoy everything that is happening online today. With the All Slots online opportunities, you’ll never be bored this month and will have so many ways and  opportunities to enjoy and to play.

How it Works

With the Christmas Market - Prizes Galore at All Slots, you’ll have so many ways to win and to enjoy. Now, the online casinos in Canada offer this promotion at many locations. In addition to the All Slots online site, you can play this promotion at the All Jackpots Casino, the First Web Casino, the Wild Jack Casino and the VIP Lounge Casino. All of these locations offer the month long promotion that will keep you having a blast each time that you return.  

The promotion starts on November 29th and it goes until Friday, December 25th. In addition, as a grand slam, there is a drawing on the 26th that you won’t want to miss. All of this adds up to awesome fun and a great way to enjoy many ways to win. Now, as you start out with the promotion, you’ll see that you’ll get one Christmas coin for each loyalty point that you have at the casino. And this is true if it’s from other games or from the promotion. You then have the chance to be part of the Christmas Market - Prizes Galore at All Slots.

How You Purchase

As you play with the online casinos in Canada, you’ll see that there are three types of bonuses. You can buy a free bonus, a free spins  bonus or a cashback bonus. When you purchase your bonus, be sure to give the system a few minutes to process it. You can only buy another one when the first one is complete. Now, the free spins are for specific games, so don’t think you can play just anything that you want. The games include Avalon, Bridesmaids, Immortal Romance, Secret Santa and Santa’s Wild ride. It’s possible that you’ll see a bonus that either says that it’s sold out or that there is an error. Don’t worry – you’ll just need to wait a few minutes and hopefully it will let you finish the transaction.

Even More Fun

Now, with the Christmas Market - Prizes Galore at All Slots, there is also an awesome drawing at the end. The drawing will be on Saturday, December 26th and if you’ve purchased a ticket you can be in the big drawing. You can only win one prize so if you find yourself lucky enough to win more than one, you’ll get the one that has the highest value.

The prizes that you can win are awesome. There are five people who will get a $1000 bonus and ten who will get a $500 bonus. 25 people will walk away with a $100 bonus and 50 will get a $50 bonus. 100 people are going to find themselves with a $25 bonus and 250 people will have a $10 bonus. Finally, there will be 1000 people who will all get a little boost with a $5 bonus. You’ll find out within 48 hours of the drawing if you are one of the lucky people and you can then enjoy your bonus.

Have a blast as you enjoy the Christmas Market. This is an awesome place to be and somewhere that you’ll really enjoy yourself.