Bonus Showdown Promotion at All Slots

It’s hard to stake a claim to unmined tin but throughout the month of September the Canadian online casino will be ponying up with plenty of extra grubstake in the Bonus Showdown Promotion at All Slots casino. Bonus Showdown is the September All Slots online promotion which gives players at the online casinos in Canada the chance to add to their regular game earnings, their game bonuses and their regular casino promotions with extra earnings that will boost their payouts sky high. The promotion is an ace in the hole for All Slots gamers who will enjoy all of their favourite games along with new and imaginative opportunities to add new earnings onto their previous wins. So put on your best bib and tucker and head over to the online corral to participate in this fun-filled casino promotion.

The Bonus Showdown Promotion at All Slots is open to all Canadian gamers, regardless of their level of experience, gaming or preferred games. Every promotional period throughout the month of September, you’re gaming activities are calculated and, based on the number of days that you’ve played, you’ll be entitled to receive playing cards at the ol’ salon. Play three or four days and draw one card. Play for five or six days and draw two cards. Play for 7 days and you’ll be the biggest toad in the puddle with a total three-card draw. It doesn’t matter whether you play any of the casino’s table games which include roulette, craps or baccarat, card game variations of blackjack or poker, casino lotteries which include sic bo, scratch card, keno, casino war or bingo or any of the three-reel classic slots or five-reel video slot machines. Just enjoy your regular games, collect your regular payouts, apply your casino bonuses to your games AND receive Bonus Showdown cards for the chance to add extra free spins, Loyalty Points and credits to your casino event. Throughout September the casino will be giving away $125,000 in prizes -- shouldn’t you be there to collect your share?

Get Started

To get started, sign into your casino account any day between September 6th and October 6th. The casino will automatically open up the Bonus Showdown page to allow you to draw your first cards. If you sign in during the first promotional period, between September 6th and September 12th, you’ll be eligible to draw a card for free, with no previous gaming requirement. After September 12th, the number of cards that you can draw will be based on the extent of your gaming activities during the previous round.

  • Play for three or four days during the previous round and draw one card

  • Play for five or six days during the previous round and draw two cards

  • Play for seven days during the previous round and draw three cards.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download casino, on a public Internet browser at the Flash Casino or on your smartphone or tablet device at the mobile casino. You can also jump from device to device -- play on your mobile during the day while you’re traveling on the train or waiting for an appointment, at the Flash Casino on your work console during a break at work, and then on your PC at night as you relax at home. All of your gaming activities are correlated by the casino which then presents you with  the number of cards to which you are entitled.

Promotion Prizes

The Bonus Showdown chuckwagon opens on September 6th at Promotion rounds include

  • Round 1 -- September 6th - September 12th  2015

  • Round 2 -- September 13th to September 19th 2015

  • Round 3 -- September 20th to September 26th 2015

  • Round 4 -- September 27th to October 4th 2015

  • Round 5 -- October 4th to October 6th 2015

Don’t be bushwacked -- you must collect your prizes by the end of the promotional period in which they are presented….otherwise, the chick goes back into the general kitty and some other big russer will be walking off with your share of the $125,000 boodle.

There are three types of prizes in this promotion and you have multiple chances to win all three -- even win each prize multiple times!  IN short, with five promotional periods and the possibility of drawing three cards during each of the last four periods PLUS one free card during the first period, you can collect THIRTEEN separate bonus prizes during the month of September at All Slots. Prizes give you free gaming time with real money prizes and lucrative casino bonuses. They include:

  • Free Spins -- you receive free spins that you can apply to your favourite casino slots.. Free Spins are just that -- opportunities to spin the reels of the slot machine for free and earn real cash payouts on your completed combinations. If you’re playing on mobile you can apply your free spins to the Avalon or Bridesmaids video slot machines and if you’re playing on a PC you can apply the free spins to the Avalon, Bridesmaids,  Hot as Hades, Ariana, Bridesmaids, Sure Win or Asian Beauty.slots. Even if you won your Free Spins while playing on mobile you can use them on your PC and vice versa. Great chances to get even more out of your slots adventure!

  • Bonus Credits -- The casino presents you with up to 100 bonus credits that you can apply to any of your favourite casino games. Regardless of whether you prefer to play slots, table games, card games or lotteries you’ll be able to play more real money games for free via the bonus credits.

  • Loyalty Points -- there are up to five THOUSAND Loyalty Points waiting for you in the Bonus Showdown promotion. These Loyalty Points are added to your existing Loyalty Points total and you can redeem those points for lucrative casino give-aways that include cruises, vacation packages and luxury gifts.

A deposit may be required to collect your prize. The confirmation email that you receive will provide you with all details related to how to collect your eptember the Canadian online casino will be ponying up with plenty of extra grubstake in the Bonus Showdown Promotion at All Slots prizes.