Pirate's Loot - $100K to Win at All Slots

Well shiver me timbers! Pirates are alive and well at the All Slots casino where the August promotion brings big real money bonus prizes and multiple chances to join in the fun-filled bonus fest. All Slots features the Pirate's Loot - $100K to win at All Slots challenge in which you simply spin the compass in the pirate ship's galley and collect your wins. It's not a question of whether or not you've won in the Pirate's Loot - $100K to win at All Slots promotion. You only have to wonder HOW MUCH you've won in this Canadian mobile casino contest.

Pirates were never a big threat in Canada but that doesn't mean that you won't pick up some of the casino's $100,000 pieces of eight in this fun-filled casino promotion. The Pirates Loot promotion is easily accessible via your smartphone or tablet device, making it a major casino event for all players. So sit back because this promotion will load you to the gunwalls with give-aways and extra chances to earn real money prizes.

Pirating on your Mobile

We've come a long way from the days of yardarms and crows nests but there's still plenty of motherlode out there to collect. Pirates have been preying on private merchant ships and fleets belong to mighty empires for thousands of years. Historical accounts tell us of the crafty pirates who plied their trade around the seas of ancient Egypt and Phoenician pirates who attacked the ships of the great seafaring power in the Mediterranean. The great age of the pirates was in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries when pirates stole hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold and silver from ships that were bringing these riches to the European kings from the New World.

Some of the doubloon was recovered but stories abound about bright, glittering pieces of eight that were stuffed into chests and buried in secret sites throughout the islands of the Atlantic.

Today you don't need to find a pirate map in order to set out on your own journey and get ahold of some pirate booty. Just sign into your All Slots casino account and win free spins on your cell or your tablet device at any time and from any location when you play online tablet games or smartphone games.  

Play Pirates Loot

Most of the action on pirate ships took place at the fo'c'sle where the compass was located, embedded into the bittacle. That's where the action takes place in this Pirates Loot bonus game as well. Regardless of your previous gambling activities, level of deposit or preferred games, you'll be invited to enter the captain's cabin and spin the compass to see where you're headed.

During each of the casino's five August promotional periods you'll receive one spin of the compass. Once you spin you'll be able to determine your wins. You may receive free spins on Avalon slots or your spin may result in bonus credits that you can apply to any of your preferred games. You don't have to deposit any money to spin the compass so go ahead and give it a whirl!

Promotional periods in August include:

  • August 2nd 2015 through August 8th2015
  • August 9th2015through August 15th 2015
  • August 16th 2015through August 22nd 2015
  • August 23rd 2015 through August 29th 2015
  • August 30th 2015 through September 5th 2015


Dead men tell no tales but you'll be talking about this promotion a LOT when you see what the wins give you.  

According to the compass spin you'll learn how many bonus credits or free spins you've won. These free give-aways allow you to play more of your favourite games for real money without depositing any extra funds. All together, throughout the month of August, All Slots will be giving away $100,000 in swag so it is definitely worth your while to spin the compass and grab your share of the loot.

The compass will indicate the number of bonus credits that you won – these bonus points are awarded in increments of two, five, ten, fifteen, twenty-five, fifty and one hundred credits.

You can use your bonus credits for any of your preferred casino games including table games, slot machines, lotteries, variety games or card games. If you've won free spins you can use them to play Avalon slots on your mobile or, if you prefer to move over to your PC, you can use the free spins that you won on your mobile for additional slots options which include the Thunderstruck II slot machine, Ariana slots, Gold Factory slots or the Pistoleras slot machine.

Your mobile and PC gambling activities are interchangeable, so regardless of the platform on which you won your bonus credits or free spins, you'll be able to apply those extra points to your gambling activities at any of the casino's alternate platforms.

Fire in the Hole

There'll be fire in the hole as you get ready to collect your bonus game wins. You don't have to place any deposits to spin the compass but the casino may request that you make a real money deposit in order to collect your bonus points. Go ahead and spin – that's free – and then decide how to proceed. If you receive a notification for a required deposit, make your choice. If you plan to play for real anyway, it's definitely worthwhile to make the deposit as part of your participation in the Pirate's Loot - $100K to win at All Slots promotion.


Ahoy and Avast! Don't forget to log into your casino account within seven days of receiving your loot to access your prizes. If you wait more than seven days after your win, you could forfeit the free spins or bonus credits. You'll find payout information from these give-aways in your bonus balance on your personal account page.

Get ready for a month of real money casino entertainment and bonus wins when you join the Pirate's Loot - $100K to win at All Slots casino promotion.