Halloween Sweepstakes - $100K to win at All Slots

Are you ready to get spooked and to have a blast at the same time? Then get on board with the Halloween Sweepstakes - $100K to win at All Slots and you’ll be sure to get into the holiday spirit. This promotion is sweeping the best sites including All Slots online, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and the VIP Lounge Casino. The promotion is hot to trot and will offer all sorts of spooking fun for you and your friends. The Halloween Sweepstakes - $100K to win at All Slots starts on Tuesday, October 6 and goes until Saturday, October 31.

More Details and Fun

Now, the promotion includes four sections and to be eligible for each of the drawings in these sections you have to opt in and earn 50 loyalty points or more during the periods. The periods include the first week which is October 6 to 10, the second week which is October 11 through the 17th, the third week which is October 18th through the 24th and the final week which is October 25th through the 31st. You can be part of the promotion at the online casinos in Canada in the following ways. You can click on the “earn tickets now” on the promotional email or you can go to My Offers section at the casino of your choice, or you can click the “Check my tickets” on the promotion landing page.

What Happens Next

When you opt in to the All Slots online casino or other sites to play this promotion, you’ll earn 1 entry for every 50 loyalty points that you earn during the promotion period. If you play at the casino for three days during the week duration, for instance, you’ll get 2x tickets for the drawing that week. If you play five days of the period, you’ll get 3x tickets for the drawing that week. And if you manage to play all seven days, you’ll get 5x tickets for that’s week’s draw. Now, this one is only available starting the week of October 11. These extra ticket treats are in addition to the tickets earned through the accumulated loyalty points. What does that mean? It means that if you played three days in the period and you earned 150 loyalty points then you’ll have three tickets. The ticket treat for playing those three days is 2x tickets so you’ll then have a total of six tickets. Make sense?


Now, with the online casinos in Canada, the prizes are awesome during the Halloween Sweepstakes. Each weekly draw will award 25,000 credits in prizes. Five players will win 1000 credits each while 10 will get 500 credits. 25 players will get 100 credits and 50 players will be drawn to win 50 credits each. Now, 100 players will get 25 credits each and 250 players will get 10 credits. Finally, a whopping 1000 players will get five credits. Players can only win one prize in each round and the bonuses will be credited each Sunday and will then be available for use for seven days.

Get swept away with the spooky fun here and see just how much you have to win with this promotion. You'll love having a blast as you play this promotion for the month and see all of the awesome ways that you can be part of it.