Passport to Riches Promotion at All Slots

July is vacation time and what better way to enjoy your holiday fun than with extra cash? When you play the Passport to Riches Promotion at All Slots this month you have multiple opportunities to earn additional payouts, along with your regular game prizes. Sign up for the Passport to Riches Promotion at All Slots, one of the most satisfying of the All Slots monthly online casino contests. You'll find a wide range of prize packages including the Passport to Riches payouts, draws and generous souvenirs.   

All Slots creates online casino promotions in which everyone wins. Regardless of whether you're a high-roller or a low-stakes gamer, you'll win prizes that will help you advance your gaming pursuits. These include extra loyalty points, cash payouts and other give-aways. The casino is giving away $100,000 in bonus prizes throughout July and every time that you play during the month you have an opportunity to earn your share of that bonus windfall.

How Does It Work?

Perhaps you're dreaming of your vacation, or maybe you just want a little extra cash to use for some downtime at home. The Passport to Riches Promotion at All Slots gives you the opportunity to earn extra cash so you can get the break that you deserve. Throughout the month of July, as you engage in your regular real money casino entertainment at All Slots, the casino will stamp your passport based on the frequency of your gambling activities.  You accumulate stamps and earn lucrative rewards based on those stamps.  Continue playing your preferred games, collect your payouts and build up your bonus stamp accumulation as you aim to earn bonus earnings, souvenirs and payouts from the bi-monthly July Draws. 

Your gaming activities in July earn you passport stamps. You'll receive stamps regardless of your game selection. So go ahead and enjoy traditional table games of craps, baccarat and roulette or pick one of the single-hand or multi-hand poker or blackjack card games. You may also choose one of the casino's lotteries such as scratch card, bingo, keno and sic bo or, if you wish, play any of the hundreds of three-reel or five-reel online slots. No matter which game you play, you'll earn passport stamps to save up for the July bonus promotion deal.  

Start Playing

All Slots is offering $100,000 for the July promo. Winning gamers will receive their share of this bankroll as they gamble during the month of July.

Sign into your casino account to get started with your Passport to Riches. Play any of your favourite real money games and earn stamps in your passport. It's not necessary to make all of your deposits at once – the casino will review all of your gaming activities each week. At the week's end, you'll collect your Passport to Riches earnings. These earnings are paid out in addition to your regular game payouts.

The casino awards you one stamp for every day that you play. As your stamps increase, your guaranteed bonus prizes grow as well.  In addition to your stamp prizes there are extra Souvenir Prizes and the Passport to Riches Draw give-aways that you can earn as well.

Every time that you earn two or three stamps in your passport, during any of the weeks of July, you receive $50 in Passport cash. For every four to six stamps that are stamped in your passport during any week in July you receive $100 in cash prizes. And, for every seven stamps that you receive in your passport during any July week you can look forward to $150 in cash rewards.

Passport to Riches Draw

There are two Passport to Riches Draws in July. These draws allow you to compete for your share of $20,000 in Passport to Riches Draw rewards. Dream of new destinations as you receive stamps for every day that you play. The more stamps you collect in your passport, the more chances you have to win in one of the two big July draws.

To enter the draw, submit your username to the promo webpage and open your passport. You'll be able to track the number of stamps that you've accrued on this page. Alternately, you can check your stamp total at the "My Offers" page. The number of stamps that you've accumulated will determine your draw options, so the more stamps that you collect, the more opportunities you have to win some of the generous Draw prizes. The Passport to Riches Draws  are scheduled for July 19th and August 2nd , giving you two opportunities to win big Draw rewards.


What's a vacation without souvenirs? Upon receiving your 2nd and 4th passport stamps of each week you'll receive satisfying souvenirs. Souvenir prizes include free spins on many of the casino's most popular games (or on the Avalon slots for mobile players) and extra Loyalty Points. Passport to Riches Souvenirs makes your journey even more memorable.

Three Bonuses in One Promotion

To sign up for your Passport to Riches, enter your username at the promotion page and open your passport. The casino automatically stamps your passport based on the number of deposits that you make. The number of credits that you deposit determines your options to receive rewards, with a minimum deposit of 50 credits during promotional period in July. Promotional periods include:

  • Week 1: July 5th through July 11th  
  • Week 2: July 12th through July 18th  
  • Week 3: July 19th through July 25th  
  • Week 4: July 26th through August 1st  

Every Sunday in July the casino will distribute the prizes from the previous week's gaming activities, based on the number of stamps that you accrued during the previous week.

Gaming Platforms

The Passport to Riches Promotion at All Slots is available to players on all casino platforms. You can participate when playing at the Download Casino on your desktop or laptop PC, on a public console at the Flash Casino or on your mobile screen at the Mobile Casino. All July gaming activities count towards your passport stamp collection, regardless of your gaming platform.

July Passport to Riches payouts are EXTRA casino earnings. Your bonus stamps are added on to the casino's other promotions which include a Welcome Bonus for new players, Loyalty Points for veteran players and special bonuses for new games, seasonal games and VIP games.

All in all, a rewarding July gaming experience at All Slots Casino.