The Electronic Check Payment Method Deposit Method

The choice of secure and instant deposit options that are easy to use is vast. When playing All Slots Canadian online slots, players are able to review all of the different deposit options online before deciding which one best suits their needs. In the banking section of the casino the player can choose the best All Slots deposit method for his needs. Each option offers a small explanation of what it is together with a direct link for registration if that is necessary or basic details on how to register for the banking system. The Electronic Check Payment Method does not need any pre-registration and it is free to use.

The Electronic Check also known as e-check is basically the same as a regular check only it is virtual. Players do not have to physically write anything and they do not have to physically give it to anyone. Players who have registered to use Electronic checks at their banks are able to write an electronic check in real time, sign it with their approved electronic signature and deposit it immediately at the casino. There is no waiting around to deposit the check, this is done immediately and once deposited the money is acknowledged and ready to use almost immediately at the online casino.

Choosing Electronic Check Payment Method

In order to choose the Electronic Check Payment Method at a preferred All Slots deposit method, all that the player needs to do is choose this method in the banking section of the casino. There is no need to preregister at the casino for using this method and there is no additional cost for using echecks when placing bets on All Slots Canadian online slots and other games.

There are numerous advantages to using the Electronic Check Payment Method one. The most obvious is the fact that a player does not need to carry anything with him apart from his mobile device or if he is playing online, his cup of coffee. There are no security issues when using the echecks, deposits are totally secure and each one encrypted ensuring the complete security of the player, his personal information and his financial information.

Whether playing locally or at a remote computer, by using echecks the player is able to instantly deposit and instantly begin playing his chosen online or mobile casino games.

Electronic Check Payment Method to Withdraw Winnings

There is another advantage to placing bets using the Electronic Check Payment Method and that is the possibility of using echecks for withdrawing winnings. Just as the player would withdraw his winnings to one of the deposit options, he can also withdraw his winnings using the echecks method. The withdrawals, after receiving approval from the casino banking, are immediate and are credited directly back to the player’s bank account in real time. This is an efficient easy quick and secure way to withdraw winnings at the online casino.

The use of the Electronic Check Payment Method is free for anyone that has registered at their bank to use electronic checks, there may be some charges incurred by the bank itself but there are no charges from the echecks unlike other third party deposit options that do charge players. The echecks are definitely a preferred All Slots deposit method because they are easy to use, secure and instant. The player can use the echecks from any computer as long as he remembers his personal banking logins and passwords; the deposits are instant and of course there is the opportunity of withdrawing winnings using this method also.